Col. Christie Hatman

Col. Christie Hatman, a distinguished auctioneer and appraiser, has been a prominent figure in the auction industry for nearly three decades. With her rapid chant, engaging personality, record setting bid prices, and impressive auction events, she has established herself as a leading auctioneer in the Midwest. She is a Missouri State Champion auctioneer, and her auction chant was featured in a Dorito’s Superbowl commercial, ‘The Lemonade Stand.’ Her expertise and professionalism have been recognized in esteemed publications such as The Auctioneer national magazine and the Rural Missourian. She has also appeared in her own HGTV television series featuring her auctions and serves as an antique expert on A&E’s show “WHAT’S IT WORTH?” alongside host Jeff Foxworthy.

In addition to her auctioneering accomplishments, Christie is a versatile entrepreneur, operating two retail stores and an online auction business, as well as featuring her eclectic wares at numerous antique shows and special event shows. A collector of rare items and an artist at heart, she is currently channeling her creative energy into remodeling a 1913 schoolhouse, where she resides. Christie’s multifaceted career and personal endeavors highlight her dynamic talents and commitment to excellence in all her pursuits.