Do you have a special item?

An inherited prize? A yard sale sleeper? A valuable relic?

A found treasure? A junk pile gem?

If YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SELLING, click the link here! We can’t wait to see what you have!

Consignment Form

Consigning FAQS

Consignment Auctions are auctions that feature multiple sellers.  If you have one special item or a collection, we group your items with other quality items from different people. This method helps gain more buyers.

We can come to your location!

If you have a large quantity of items, Hatman Auctions has a full service ON-SITE auction service. We offer local advertising, national advertising, set-up, clean-up, and COMPLETE liquidations of estates, businesses, personal property, warehouses, and real estate.

We like to see what items you are considering selling. Please fill out our selling form or email us your photos! You are not under any commitment by doing so, and this is the best way for use to evaluate your items and recommend a direction concerning an auction.

Advantages of selling!

We have established buyers
LET IT RAIN! Our 15,000 Sq. Ft. Facility protects your items from bad weather.
Easy loading and unloading
Unhurried set up: We sort your items, take pictures, and advertise long before auction day to insure TOP DOLLAR for your merchandise.
Professional staff
Internet Simulcasts/Phone Bidders: At each auction, we offer your items TO THE WORLD.

What is my item worth?

No one knows everything about antiques and collectibles. Research is vital to everyone in this business.

First, look for clues-a makers mark, serial number, numbers, etc.  Many, many items can be easily researched online.  Just Google a simple description of your item and marks and see what pops up. Then click on “images” and see which images match your item.

My second favorite source on information is eBay.  MAKE SURE you research COMPLETED auctions and ONLY THE LISTINGS THAT ACTUALLY SOLD (they are highlighted in green, not red.)  I have heard it hundreds of times, “I saw this on eBay for $500.” Well, I can list a potato chip on eBay for $500, but that has nothing to do with value.  Completed, sold listings are key.

If you are unable to research online, you can always ask a local, reputable antique dealer to assess your item. Understand their time is valuable, too, but many are willing to point you in the right direction.

We LOVE pictures!

A picture is worth… know the rest. Showing us your pictures is the best way for us to evaluate your items.  We can visually assess your items and also easily forward the pictures to experts if you have a STOMPER!

When you send pictures remember:

Use a ruler, coin, or coffee cup in the picture so we get an idea of scale
Use Good lighting, a flashlight is fine!
Imperfection is okay!  Don’t worry about cleaning or organizing items in pictures. We want to see pics of full boxes, the whole junk pile, cobwebs are fine.  We need and idea of the quantity of items you have.
Take close-ups of serial numbers, date stamps, signatures, manufactures marks, hallmarks, logos, etc.